Thursday, July 30, 2015

Round Tower Observatory

In the very center of Copenhagen is the Round Tower - one of the world’s oldest working observatories. 

During our recent trip to Denmark, we climbed the spiral ramp and stairs 38.4 m to the platform and viewed the city. Built between 1637 and 1642, the Round Tower has been used for astronomy until the present day. 


Point Zero. The hollow core of the tower was originally used for viewing stars.


The sun is usually the object viewed when the observatory is open to the public during the day, but cloud cover made even seeing the sun not possible, so the telescope was pointed at a clock tower.

The Library Hall halfway up the tower had an exhibit of Danish architecture.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Experimentarium City

As a family we like to visit hands-on science museums in different countries when we travel on vacation. 

This summer we visited the Experimentarium City in Copenhagen, Denmark and spent a whole rainy day there.

They have a section (Exhibit: Pulse) that encourages group participation in activities. These included jumping, dance and co-ordination games, running and cycling and an obstacle course.

The Balance Kitchen 
Hit as many lit buttons as possible in the time limit without touching the floor.

After each station, we could log in with our RFID wristbands to choose the best photos/video of the activities.

Their many other interactive displays covered different sciences and technologies. At many of the stations was a touch screen with RFID reader that enables you to save your data for follow up later at home.

Almost all of the exhibits and interactions have instructions in Danish and English. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Air Festival

The local Air Force Technical School had an open day on the weekend with flight and aircraft displays.

A lot of student projects were on display too. Some had made fire fighting robotic models, others were explaining hydraulic or other aircraft systems.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Space Camper

My daughter went to Space Camp Turkey a few weeks ago for a three day school trip.

"It was pretty fun - very fun indeed".

She learnt a lot of stuff about space including the Mercury astronauts, the Gemini program, the Apollo missions, space shuttles and mission control.

She went on some simulators.

She also built and flew a model rocket and in one evening session she saw Jupiter and four moons through the telescope.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter eggs

Easter eggs are hidden gems inside movies, dvds, software and websites.

Have you ever made any?

I created a couple of Easter eggs three years ago on the Factory Reset wiki. This wiki has user created instructions for resetting a number of devices back to their factory settings and is a good resource if you need to get your device back.