Friday, August 24, 2007

Sanitarium Gizmos and Gadgets promotion

Somehow I have been invited to get 10 bonus points! But I suspect I need to buy cereal from shops in NZ to fully participate. Perhaps some of the other MuzGadget brothers would like gizmos and gadgets with their cornflakes.

Coming soon and better than ever!

The Sanitarium Gizmos and Gadgets promotion is on its way with great new bargains and free stuff for grabs!

To kick start the 2007 promotion and get you one step closer to redeeming cool bargains or free stuff, your Gizmos and Gadgets account will automatically receive 10 bonus points if you opt in before 16 September 2007!

Opt in now to receive your bonus points as well as further information and special Gizmos and Gadgets offers by clicking HERE - it will only take a minute.

The Gizmos & Gadgets Team