Saturday, March 31, 2007

I got my first computer 23 years ago

Sega SC3000.

Easter weekend 1984.

It cost about NZ $300 and plugged into the TV, had a tape drive for saving and loading programs and I programmed games and stuff on it in BASIC (or machine code) - usually typing them in from magazines. I started programming a monopoly game (another Easter weekend tradition), but there were not enough pixels on the screen to show the board. The rubber keys were a pain.

CPU: Z80 maximum address range of 65535 bytes
First 32K occupied by the Basic ROM or Games ROM
Video Chip: Texas Instruments TMM9929A (4 Color Modes, 32 Sprites, 16K RAM)
Sound Chip: SN76487AN(3 sound channels & a noise generator)
System Ram: 2Kbyte 8212

I built my own gadget for it - I soldered together a keypad joystick.

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