Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Gadgets

The Christmas season is approaching. Rapidly. It usually sneaks up on us, but this year we'll be ready for it. Soon it will be time to put up decorations and lights. Using the most gadgets possible.

We have had a very small tree for the last few years. We bought it when we were moving around a lot and needed something easy to move. It stands about 30 cm tall and has fibre optics in the branches lit by alternating red and white lights in the base.

We're thinking of getting something a bit bigger this year (so we can fit more gadget presents under it). Any suggestions for customizing, upgrading or generally improving on the standard garden variety tree would be appreciated.

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Paula said...

Christmas is a hectic time of year and my husband has loads of Christmas gizmo's and gadgets to set up, from singing a Santa to a talking reindeer. Still it adds a bit of festive fun and our son Ryan absolutely loves it.