Monday, January 7, 2008

Yetkin Telesystems to the rescue

We accidentally got a 3D movie for Christmas. Like most of the DVDs we buy here in Turkey there is a Turkish translation with Turkish dubbing, subtitles and the DVD cover in Turkish.

Someone had forgotten the important "D" in the title of this movie "Spy Kids 3D". There was no mention of 3D (or 3-Boyutlu = the Turkish term for 3D) on the DVD cover.

It is a good movie. There are a lot of 3D effects in the movie and a behind the scenes section on the production of the movie and the history of 3D movies but it gets difficult to watch the 3D sections without (red/blue) anaglyph glasses. Because of the missing "D" these were not included with the movie, but thankfully I am working with my friend Oğuz from Yetkin Telesystems on a web project.

Yetkin Telesystems are the Turkish suppliers of everything 3D, from 3D monitors and projector systems to holographic, lenticular and custom 3D photography and they have sorted us out with some 3D anaglyph glasses.

Thanks Oğuz.

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