Sunday, October 5, 2008

My latest mobile gadget: SonyEricsson P990i

I got a SonyEricsson P990i mobile from one of the MuzGadgets brothers when I visited them recently. It does pretty much all I need a pocket device to do:
  • internet access including via wireless
  • still/video camera (I must buy a bigger memory card)
  • MP3/media player/radio (I really must buy a bigger memory card)
  • ebook reader (the PDF viewer's interface is a bit annoying sometimes)
  • contacts/calendar/tasks manager with synchronization to my PC
  • emergency modem while waiting for the ADSL guys to connect us
  • oh and it works as a phone too
I've installed fring on it too so I can Skype from the phone. I've tried it a couple of times - it didn't show the live Skype video and one of the MuzGadget sisters couldn't understand anything I was saying - might have been a low bandwidth issue.

It might be second-hand and not quite as cool as an iPhone, but I'm very happy with it. It is a lot more useful than my old monochrome voice & sms only Siemens A70.

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