Saturday, November 22, 2008

Amazing gadget camera from the 1930s

Swiss Army Camera (photoshopped)
This photo is the "Swiss Army Camera" (photoshopped) version of the Jaeger LeCoultre Compass camera.

The real version of this 35 mm compact camera was one of the most advanced gadgets of its time in the 1930s. The British pilot and aircraft builder, Noel Pemberton-Billing (1991-1948) designed the Compass. He was also a politician, businessman and founder of the "Supermarine" company. A Swiss clock and watch manufacturer, famous for their high precision work on the instrument panels of many cars, they produced the gadget for the remarkably low price of 30 British pounds - about 1/5th the price of similar high tech cameras of the time. Less than 4000 units were made and their present value is between 1800-2200 USD.

Jaeger LeCoultre Compass camera and accessories
See for specifications and more features.

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