Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The beta version of the search engine from Microsoft - bing - possibly an acronym for But its not Google went live today.

A quick comparison with Google shows it has a long way to go to be a replacement. A search for muzgadgets produced 17 results, almost all of them to pages that refer to here. There were no direct search results to here.

A search for muzgadgets.blogspot.com gave "We did not find any results for muzgadgets.blogspot.com."

Google on the other hand gives about 123 results for a search for muzgadgets and the blog just makes it to the first page at position number 10. Google also has 364 results for a search for muzgadgets.blogspot.com with the blog coming in at number 7.


Pete said...

This blog post appeared in Google search results less than 15 minutes after posting it. Still waiting for bing.

Pete said...

Still not many search results for MuzGadgets on bing (only 15). None for muzgadgets.blogspot.com.

Google has 266 for MuzGadgets, and 150 for muzgadgets.blogspot.com.