Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blogging from Word 2010

This post comes courtesy of the Blog document template in Word 2010 Beta.

The template is very clean and simple, just showing a blank space to enter the post title and an area for the content. No distractions.

On the Insert tab of the Word ribbon is a Screenshot button which can capture any non-minimized window except the one you are working on, so sorry no picture.

When you start to use the template, Word asks if you want to connect to a blog account. A warning that my username and password are likely to be transmitted unsecured is a bit of a concern.

It would be helpful to tag this post, but the Insert Category button is unavailable.

Word could be useful for blogging if you use Word a lot or you want to write a long post.

I'm going to push the Publish button now.

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