Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Farewell Craig Harding

Craig "Horse" Harding, Head of PostProduction for Outpost Digital Media passed away on Tuesday after a battle with cancer. He was almost 42.

I remember Craig from our high school years when he was involved in scouts, shared some of the best games in the Apple IIe lab at school and was the DJ for the lunchtime school radio station. An early adopter of anything technical, Craig was a pioneer of the internet society in New Zealand.

Working together with one of the MuzGadget brothers for more than 15 years, they formed Outpost in 1997. He says "Craig was a very talented man, turning his hand to any role, be it technician, editor, audio engineer, cameraman, writer, director, voice over artist, computer geek...".

World of Warcraft gamer, motorbiker, sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast, band manager, all round top bloke. We will miss you Craig. Ride on triumphantly.


Anonymous said...

Well said

taumata said...

Haere e hoa - na ara taumata