Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cotton Candy (prototype) - a sweet little computer

This USB memory stick sized device contains a dual-core computer with a pre-loaded Android Operating System (and Ubuntu and embedded virtualization client for Windows, Linux, Mac).

Named Cotton Candy after its 21g weight, the device is powered from the USB port, outputs to screens via  HDMI, has Wifi and Bluetooth for connecting to networks and devices and uses the internal 1GB memory or up to 64GB on a microSD card for storage.

Designed for "Any Screen Ccomputing", it turns a TV, monitor, laptop, tablet or phone into a dumb-terminal device capable of browsing the web, running apps and even playing streamed HD video. When plugging the Cotton Candy into another computer it is recognized as a USB drive and starting the virtualization software opens a secure computing environment. Files can be transferred between the computers by drag and drop. This could be a useful environment for Android app developers - writing code on a desktop/laptop and testing it in another window on the Cotton Candy.

Read a full review at and find out more about the device at Cotton Candy (prototype) « FXITech.

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