Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Laptop screen repaired

My ancient Dell Inspiron developed problems with the screen about 18 months ago.  The LCD panel was OK, but the backlight was not working. In the meantime, I have used an external monitor with it.

Inspired by a recent episode of the Ben Heck Show where Ben replaced the inefficient CFL tube with LEDs, I had another look at repairing the screen. Opening it up, I discovered that one of the tube's connections was broken and so after soldering it back together, the screen is working again.
The CFL tube removed from the screen

The end of the tube where the bad connection had shorted out

Starting to put it back together
You can see the various layers of magnifiers and diffusers for the backlight 

It works again!

Only glitch is some dust in between the diffuser and magnifier layers

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